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You may take that the B315 straight into consideration

Huawei has unveiled the 'industry's first' 300mm-depth IP platform with 20G/40Gbps capacity. Huawei claims the CX600-X1 and CX600-X2 (CX600-X1/X2) metro services platform (MSP) enable IP intelligence on metro network edge for Huawei optical network , drive convergence, improve capability and adaptability for full-service deployment and structurally reduce CAPEX and OPEX, all of these help operators to develop full-service broadband metro area network (MAN).

According to Huawei, rapid continuing development of broadband services drive today's metro networks evolving from pipe-type to full-service bearing, which necessitates IP intelligence to metro edge. This requires compact, yet powerful, IP equipment which could sit with massive access nodes to pay for the not enough IP ease of traditional access equipment. Huawei's CX600-X1/X2 MSP addresses this concern by having strong IP capability as well as a compact size (220mm depth), suitable to become hosted inside the same 300mm-depth standard cabinet as access nodes for example DSLAM, MSAN, and transmission equipment. The CX600-X1/X2, along with Huawei's CX600-X3/X8/X16, is claimed to enhance IPTime broadband metro solution that ensures fast and flexible full-service deployment, providing more abundant and intelligent services for users.

The Huawei B593 doesn’t have your complete suit of Above function. And after that the B315 has enhanced with so much function. B315 can get together an analog phone from the back end RJ-11 vent. If your inserted Simulator card voice connections, my router can certainly therefore continually be used about outgoing together with incoming telephone calls. However, my router could only facilitate messages or calls via my GSM followed by UMTS cellular network. The particular VoLTE is usually not and in addition available in huawei B315, plus the particular voice conference calls over my Internet no matter the reason of your inserted Sim card card tend to be is not necessarily supported.

Back to become able to the question, should anyone replace your B593 to B315? It depends.
From ‘network’ band side, if you would like so that it makes use of the particular router under FDD 700mhz, then B315 can be your choice. In order for employing your router underneath TDD 1900mhz, B593 is a useful one.
From your speed side, if you'd like to obtain a high speed with your mobile network Huawei GPBD. You may take that your B315 straight into consideration. A single thing it is best to note, the B593 performs a faster data transfer speed all over weak transmission area in comparison to B315. If you desire to gain the advantages of B315, that's larger to put from the outward antenna.

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