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The view through the balcony is actually sweet

While SWTOR with swtor credits does boast a dizzying assortment of housing items plus the solid hook-based placement system mentioned previously, it’s also somewhat limited for that reason hook system, especially when you’re knowledgeable about the player housing possibilities in games like EverQuest II, Star Wars: Galaxies, and the like. In the latter’s free-form system, by way of example, basically any each object as part of your inventory may very well be placed around a house. And I do mean anywhere, as being the developers allowed you down-to-the-pixel control of X, Y, and Z axis placement. This included crafting sub-components and many types of kinds of gnarly little sci-fi trinkets that creative players could and did use to create mind-bogglingly intricate show pieces.

In EQII’s housing system, meanwhile, any and each and every object might be scaled up or down with the mouse wheel, which adds lots of customization that SWTOR currently lacks.I would have gone on and purchased the Tatooine stronghold, however the purchase price alone is 2.5 million credits - over double what I started with. Unlocks to the Tatooine stronghold are proportionally costly. Fortunately, a guildie who's been an associate about providing I have could afford one, and filled me with a tour of his digs.

The Tatooine stronghold is usually a much different layout than some of the other apartments - most of the unlockable rooms are open pits connected by tunnels, and there is a big starship landing bay within a of 'em. The view from your balcony is quite sweet.

Beyond your initial bundles of decorations you get in the intro quest, there are many ways to get more stuff to your strongholds. Some may be purchased through the vendors from the Cartel Bazaar area on fleet, and others can be bought from droid vendors on fleet or placed inside stronghold. The droid vendors sell their stuff for crafted barter items, which demand a certain a higher level cross-skill co-operation. The Universal kits require items produced by three different varieties of crafting - one crew skill could probably make 2 of these items, however the third may have to be manufactured by another character. The barter kits plus the components employed to make them could be sold on the GTN, as well as the market for these products is very secure at the moment.

Under the newest schedule, those interested can have until July 15 to become subscriber and earn rewards. Following the subscriber launch in August, other players will gain access in September and October, based on their subscriber status.

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