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Skip The Aurum Vale since its too much work with too little reward

In this short guide for Final Fantasy 14: A Real Reborn I’ll be going over how to change this XP chain bonus system to electrical power your characters at gamerwell. There was a lot of testing done within this in closed beta and lots of people have expressed involvement in forming parties explicitly to get this done in the open beta and subsequent launch.

From 45 forward you really need to prioritize dungeons. The Stone Vigil is a great one, but Dzemael Darkhold is totally fantastic for acquiring experience. Skip The Aurum Vale since its too much work with too little reward. Once again, make sure to run the Duty Roulette: Low Level once each day.

When you're not running dungeons, run FATEs in Northern Thanalan. While a lot of them aren't particularly efficient, Dark Devices is regarded as the experience dense FATE chain amongst gamers. As with Coerthas you really need to join a gaggle to gain as often experience from monster kills as you possibly can. You can also knock out Levequests in Bluefog if you believe burned out.

-Now you'll be ready doing your low level dungeon roulette for it's just once daily bonus exp. And you need find more ffxiv gil.This will be the very first thing you do every day, if you do not have a class pursuit for do, then which takes priority. At level 16 you'll be able to queue individual dungeons after you have already used the daily low level roulette. While waiting within the dungeon queue, do your hunting log and FATEs, or some different you want to do including filling out challenge log. If hunting log and challenge log are actually Skip The Aurum Vale since it is too much work with too little reward caught up, then accomplish FATEs around your level, give or take an even or 2, while waiting on queue for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. If you're a tank or healer pay day loan have to wait long, especially being a ffxiv tank.

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