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Scott Holper's Pending State Bar Ethics Complaint and History of Legal Entanglements

Scott Holper's Pending State Bar Ethics Complaint and History of Legal Entanglements

Scott Holper’s Pending State Bar Ethics Complaint and History of Legal Entanglements


Las Vegas --       Scott Holper has joined the ranks of Catherine Ramsey. Now two out of four of the judicial candidates vying for District Court Judge in Dept. 20 have ethics charges pending against them. 


On August 12, 2015, the State Bar of Nevada filed a complaint consolidating seven separate grievance cases against attorney and judge-hopeful, Scott Holper.  The claims run the gamut of lying to a federal court about his client, misrepresenting expenditures to clients, failing to pay medical bills out of settlement sums, failing to return client files, failing to communicate with clients, bouncing a trust account check to a client, and missing a filing deadline. 


Click here for a copy of Supreme Court Appeal against Holper:

The complaint also notes that Holper has been reprimanded in the past, on January 5, 2013, “after he issued a check from his trust account to make a campaign contribution to Judge Ellsworth from what he claimed were his own funds in the account.”

 A 22 page State Bar Complaint filed against Holper:


Click here for copy of the State Bar complaint. 


This caps a history of legal controversies involving Holper.  He has been embroiled in litigation with his business competitor which litigation includes claims of death threats, battery, slashing tires, car-keying, and restraining orders. 


Click here for a copy of the appeal filed by his business competito...   The appeal, which sought to have Holper’s case dismissed, was denied but recounts the alleged history of Holper’s dealings with his competitor and others.


Also, according to reports, Holper has been arrested for domestic violence, burglary and coercion, and in 2012 was the subject of a several hour SWAT team stand-off at his home!     

 Click here for a copy of Holper's Arrest Report: 

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