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Rolex watch later recommended Top 5

Christmas is coming soon, for men, regardless of who is a husband, father, brother, son, I received a Rolex watch There is nothing better gift.We recommend a five fantastic Rolex watch for you to choose: 
!.Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch 114 300
Oyster Perpetual watch is the perfect entry-level Rolex, launched in 2014 114 300 has everything you want, Cheap Replica Watches for Men compared to many previous generation advances, make up a small defect.For example, it is equipped with the new Rolex 3132 automatic movement, with -2 / + 2 sec accuracy, rigorous than many COSC standards.In addition to its technical capacity, 114,300 exceptionally attractive appearance.
114 300 of 39 mm Oyster case is neither too big nor too small.Dial offers fantastic visual, three different color sun pattern dial. Rhodium deep gray dial is the most conservative and most popular, while red wine and blue face plate is bolder, Tag Heuer Replica more youthful choice.Its vibrant color to increase the attractiveness of youth, undated hand holding a window high symmetry of the watch.114 300 is suitable for the first purchase of a Rolex watch Friends.
1.2Rolex Datejust II 116333
As the most common form of dress, Rolex Datejust II is the kind of can light up anywhere luxury watches.Magic color material DJII has become a signature style.Rugged combination of precious gold and stainless steel, has a timeless enduring appeal. ulysse nardin replica watches sale its representative Datejust II 116333 sporty classic profile, 41 mm Oyster case size is also very modern.In addition, recess gold bezel is a traditional design feature, when the sleek baton style standard, solid ivory dial appear modern.
116,333 dial date window at 3 o'clock sapphire crystal as well as a magnifying glass, Rolex standard magnification of 2.5 times, so that you can clearly read a convenient date.DateJust also means instantaneous jump calendar, will instantly change the date set in the middle of the night.Wristwatch equipped with the famous Rolex 3136 automatic movement, often referred to as the main movement Rolex is synonymous with reliability.
3Rolex Submariner no calendar section 114060

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