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I am sure all of us have our own trials and tribulations in life. When I dwell on my problems and I listen to others I say to myself my problem isn’t so bad. When I take a look at my life I reached the conclusion that every day is a gift, because in a normal society I wasn’t supposed to be born. I am a product of rape and incest and I have known about this for several years now, because I have sought the truth it has placed a deeply divided wedge between me and my family.

Joining the Marine Corps has helped me deal with a lot of my personal issues growing up and continues to help me deal with problems as they arise. I wanted to give back to a country that welcomed me, educated me, and has allowed me to move from a third world country that was discriminatory against the color of my skin.

Before I joined the Marine Corps I looked for the toughest military organization that this country had to offer.  Growing up in the streets of New York City associating with one gang after another I wanted to challenge myself and belong to something that serves the good before I became lost to a life of crime.  While serving 2 years in the Marine Corps I wanted out, I felt it was no longer for me, I had difficulties  in being told what to do.

Then one day a Marine that received a Dishonorable Discharged returned to base and put a knife into the chest of my OIC (Officer In Charge). I apprehended the Marine before he could do anymore damage saving my OIC life and the Marine Corps embraced me and convinced me that the life of the Corps was for me.  I excelled from Private to Corporal and traveled on multiple operations.

I have had several near death experience while serving in the Marine Corps; while in Egypt an Egyptian Soldier attacked me with a Kay-Bar, while in Saudi Arabia I have had a machine gun locked and loaded on me, while in Kuwait a multitude of fire suppression came down my aisle, and the shocker is while I served as a soldier a civilian contractor pulled out a 9mm on me while at a Night Club in Panama City, Panama and pressed the trigger.

In facing death on several occasions I instilled the philosophy “what doesn’t kill me, will make me stronger”.  I have taken the position to stand up for people that cannot stand up for themselves, even if the position is not popular.  It seems my stance places me in predicaments that at times black ball me from the job market; I have received threats with lawsuits and even death. What others do not realize is that, this only makes me want to fight harder partially due to being in the Marine Corps.

Being the President of Veterans In Politics International (an unpaid position) I have found my outlet in helping others, even if it means being disliked or a target myself.  I have never received a paycheck from being outspoken in the community, for testifying against injustice, for confronting corruption, for expressing the truth amongst issues facing our community and I have never taken a bribe to silence me.

The Marine Corps has taught me to stand up for what I believe, to stand up even if I am out gunned and outnumbered.


Semper Fidelis Marines and 237th Happy Birthday

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