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Husband catches a Clark County Sheriff candidate with his pants down and in bed with his wife

Robert "Bobby G" Gronauer.



Husband catches a Clark County Sheriff candidate with his pants down and in bed with his wife



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (December 8, 2013) --- According to an article published in Woman’s Day, ‘Women cheat just as much as men, and their affairs are more dangerous.’ Unfortunately this statement is true for an ex-husband who discussed his experience, and asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.


On Sunday - December 8, 2013 at 4:52pm PT, I telephoned Las Vegas Constable employee, Lucy Arce on her cellular. After identifying myself I explained to her that I am investigating a rumor that she parents a son, Robert Anthony, with former Las Vegas Constable and Clark County Sheriff candidate Robert "Bobby G" Gronauer. Without hesitation, Lucy immediately confirmed that Bobby G is the father of her son. However she became emotionally overwhelmed and was unable to discuss the intimate details of her extramarital office romance affair.


The unconfirmed story is: Lucy was married and an employee of the Las Vegas Constable’s Office when she and then Las Vegas Constable Bobby G began having a romantic relationship. The secret relationship was exposed when Lucy’s husband discovered hidden photographs of her and Bobby G at a Baltimore Orioles baseball game. Angry, devastated and embarrassed, Lucy’s husband confronted her and she admitted to the extramarital affair with Bobby G. Afterwards Lucy’s husband divorced her, Lucy gave birth to son, Robert Anthony, and Bobby G began secretly paying child support.


Calls were made to Bobby G at his office and cellular and were unreturned.

Currently Robert "Bobby G" Gronauer is seeking election in 2014 as the Clark County Sheriff. A common cliché often used by lawbreakers when they see a police officer is, ‘Hide the guns and the drugs.’ However in this case there is an exception, ‘If you see Bobby G, you had better hide your wife.’



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Author: Staff writer, Endeavor Media Group

Distributor: Veterans In Politics


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Comment by Steve Sanson on December 12, 2013 at 5:27pm

Clark County Sheriff candidate and a Justice of the Peace conspire together to willfully break the law by granting illegal kick-backs for wrongfully imprisoning defendants



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (December 12, 2013) - - - Back in 2009, when Robert "Bobby G" Gronauer was the Las Vegas Constable he knowingly entered into an illegal kick-back agreement with Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman from Department 8. The nine page agreement titled ‘Interlocal Agreement between the Las Vegas Justice Court and the Las Vegas Constable’s Office’ dated September 18, 2009 establishes fees for service of traffic warrants issued by the Justice Court to be paid to the Las Vegas Constable’s Office. The term expired on July 31, 2012, however this agreement may or may not have been renewed. When this agreement was entered into Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman was a Chief Judge.


According to the agreement, Bobby G and his office are to receive a $200.00 warrant fee for each warrant served and/or executed in which a minimum of $400.00 per warrant has been collected, an arrest has been made or the individual appears for a scheduled traffic hearing as a result of the Constable’s service of the warrant. In the event that a defendant has more than one warrant, the Constable shall receive a total warrant fee for that defendant of no more than $600.00. Both parties are contractually required to keep and maintain full, true and complete records and documents (written, electronic, computer related or otherwise) until July 31, 2018. Also both parties are to make this agreement available for inspection, examination, review, audit and copying at any office where such records and documentation are maintained.


On July 25, 2009, during an interview on Veterans In Politics internet talk-show, Bobby G admitted to breaking the law and taking $200.00 to serve arrests. Also he stated that he supports undocumented residents living in the U.S. without being subject to any penalty or legal recourse. The public was so outraged by the comments of Bobby G that CNN published Bobby G’s interview with Veterans In Politics on its official website.


Constables are entitled to earn $48.00 for each warrant lawfully executed according to NRS 258.125. According to NRS 258.170 no other fees shall be charged by constable. According to NRS 258.210 if any constable shall take more or greater fees than are allowed by law, the constable shall be liable to indictment, and on conviction shall be removed from office and fined. Based on the Nevada Revised Statutes and the payment amount awarded to the Las Vegas Constable in the ‘Interlocal Agreement Between The Las Vegas Justice Court And The Las Vegas Constable’s Office,’ Robert "Bobby G" Gronauer is subject to prosecution.


Can a Justice of the Peace and Constable be biased about denying a defendant’s freedom if they stand to benefit financially?


A previous office-romance affair between Bobby G and Hispanic, Constable employee Lucy Arse that resulted in a love child being conceived for whom Bobby G was ordered by Family courts to pay child support for, has surfaced and was confirmed by Lucy Arse. During the time of the affair Bobby G and Lucy Arse were both married to other people and when Lucy Arse’s husband discovered the affair he divorced her immediately.


Can Bobby G be trusted to have integrity and serve the best interest of Clark County and not himself?

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2nd annual Veterans In Politics’ Ball and Gala

Saturday – February 15, 2014

The Mt. Charleston Lodge

Author: Staff writer – Endeavor Media Group

Distributor: Veterans In Politics International, Inc.


Comment by Steve Sanson on December 11, 2013 at 9:29pm

I am one hundred and ten percent for our veterans, but Bobby G is not the answer to a dysfunctional LVMPD. His baggage runs deep well beyond his zipper. However it does take two to tangle, but he had no discretion or moral compos.

You mentioned veterans court I testified for that specialty court in 2009 and help make it law. I also engaged with the Judges in 10 and 11. Bobby G was nowhere to be found. He is trying to talk about something he feels people won't question, because he knows absolutely nothing about today's day to day operation with metro.

He has no idea about the revamped Use of Force Board, Critical Incident Training, Fatality Fact Finding, Fiscal Affairs, or the Budget for that matter. Bobby G retired as a Sgt. in 99. He has no Command Experience and he left metro when rotary phones was still being used.

Let's face it all he has is his name. Even that didn't help him in his own primary election with his own political party.

Bobby is an arrogant self serving revengeful misguided person. He has no business in politics.

I know and have evidence of how he corrupt the Constable office in due time we will start releasing it.

I am sure you could do better than Bobby G for Sheriff.

Semper Fi Brotha
Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas, Nv 89126

Comment by Steve Sanson on December 9, 2013 at 1:13pm

Bobby G is also married and it's unknown if his wife knows about this incident.  His former employee Lucy had to go to Family Court to get child support from Bobby G and the case is now sealed.  Is this the type of Sheriff we want? A person with no moral values who sleeps with someone’s wife, denied paying child support after he got her pregnant, and covered up his misdeeds by sealing the case. This man destroyed a marriage because he couldn’t keep his packer in his pants. The arrogant he has!


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