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From key holders to key finders and simple way to distinguish keys

Have you lost your keys again? Don’t know which key would go to which lock? We’ve all been through it. But if you implement most of these key organization ideas, you’ll never have to sift through your purse locksmith little rock , the kids’ toy box or even the refrigerator (yes, seriously) in search of your keys again. From key holders to key finders and way to distinguish keys from one another, you’ll find a lot of helpful tips here!

“It is actually by studying tiny problems that we reach the great art of obtaining as little misery, so that as much happiness as it can be,” and I’m often struck by how much happiness I get from making improvements in small, seemingly trivial areas of my life.

Closely inspect deadbolts every a few months for indications of tampering and excess wear. If your lock has severe tarnish, rust, or another visible signs and symptoms of wear, it usually is time to choose a replacement lock. If your lock has become increasingly tricky to open using the key, especially on cold nights, you should replace or service the lock immediately to prevent an inconvenient malfunction that could leave you locked out. Re-key your locks at any time you feel you've got misplaced an integral or allowed a stranger to gain access to your key. Kwikset SmartKey re-key technology makes rekeying fast and convenient, and never having to replace the complete lock at

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