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London epitomised 'The Swinging Sixties' cheap lingerie sets It was the perfect time for them to set up their own brand, which started in the spare bedroom at our home and quickly moved to a dingy Paddington back street from where it rapidly grew into an internationally recognised lingerie brand.

When my mother blue laca eunderwear launched her first collections, industry bigwigs laughed and scoffed that British woman would never buy such expensive fripperies in flamboyant and wonderful colours but British girls had had enough of dull utilitarian bras and huge knickers in horrid and uncomfortable fabrics and were desperate for something altogether more fun, glamorous and in keeping with the times.

By the 1970's Janet Reger lingerie plus size lingerie sale had become a fashion statement rather than simply underwear. In the decade that followed the industry that had been so scornful now copied, emulated and tried their best to recreate what my mother had pioneered.

The Janet Reger label sexy black lace lingerie was the first to create matching sets of lingerie and sleepwear at a time when coordinated sets were unheard of and colours, other than black, white and ecru, were unthinkable.

The business was built up on ornate designs in a wild array of colour and much of it sold in her own lavish retail stores.

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