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Black Eyed Peas
is in course a pause to indeterminate time at doing music together.

The group
has given the notice at the box during a concert to Alton Towers, in the
Staffordshire at the beginning of this week - to run towards the bottom and
clicks here below for the measurement of the ban.

While the
band is on the box, Fergie said to the crowd that the frugal show to theme has
been "very special", in all that is l '"the last time that we
have intention to be in England for a long time period".

You read
' to release albumDJ soloist wins $ 1,2 millions of cause on' Peas
moreBlack Eyed sampleBlack Eyed My Humps "throb Peas Willow Smith to the
Number One

want you to know that we love you and I thank you for the support that you have
given from the beginning", the singer has continued to strong whistles
they resounded between the crowd.

It has then
explained that the breaking would be similar to them 2005-2009 hiatus, but
dispersed the dread that had been divided for ever being conclusive: ".
This will not be the last time that you will see us"

of band has made clear besides that the band there were always no
division on his Twitter page, / iamwill, tweeting: "The Bep
will take a pause after the beginning... own as we have done monkey business up
to the end. but it does not mean what to stop creating."

At the
beginning of this year, Fergie has revealed what has in program of
giving an album of soloist with the headline 'Black Einstein', even if no date
of official exit has still been announced.

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