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Kenny Chesney's 'Feel Like a Rock Star' Video Ft. Tim McGraw

Kenny Chesney and TIM MCGRAW channel of their rock star who drowses in a new video pop video. Filmed in support of their track in duet "Feel Like has Rock Star", the pop video turns the spotlight on both stars of the music of the countries which get the front of the stage from a shed of shining planes and by making turn hard under électrisantes light.

Introduced during ACM AWARDS 2012 last march, the song of collaboration is confirmed for remittance Chesney studio with side "Welcome on the jar with fish". He makes his debut in n ° 13 on Country Songs Billboard, marking more his card of unique entrance since «Not not Blink" bowed in n ° 16 in 2007.

Besides being recorded as a material for the new album, the song also gives a foretaste of what is to come when he knocked and MCGRAW sorts for mailing it together this summer. Nicknamed turned "Borther du Soleil", the concert will start on June 2nd in Tampa, in Florida and ends August 25th Foxboro, Massachusetts.

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